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Early Years Cook's Training
 Grub4life offer a range of specialist cookery master classes and ...

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TrishB's Story
I'm a mum of two, and a childminder to many more. I come from a biological sciences background, previously working in the food and health industries. I am interested in nutrition and public health...
HC's Story
Living the life!
I'm a married, mother of four wonderful children who have now all moved on. So now I care for many wonderful, talented, entertaining and loving children in my career as a Childminder.
Daisy's Story
Childminder - I trained as a Nursery Nurse, worked in Nurseries and started working from home with pre-school children when our youngest of three children was 2 (16 years ago) I have completed...
DaisyNat's Story
nursery manager looking to get more information on how we can engage children in a healthy lifestyle.
Irene's Story
A Campaigner for Healthier Lifestyles
I am a Community Centre Manager and manage a range of childcare services including a full time nursery and out of school provision. I am really interested in children's nutritional needs.
magic marg's Story
loves food and travel
Working as a consultant developing menus and recipes for nurseries, keen interest in organic food and children's nutrition
Lizzie's Story
you can the girl out of the farm, but not the farm out the girl
I grew up on a sheep farm and am passionate about passing on to the next generation the importance knowing where food comes from and healthy living. I have worked in the early years sector all my...
LEYF's Story
Feeding the 5000
At LEYF we put food at the cente of the health and welfare of our children. This means providing them with healthy, seasonal, freshly cooked food. As a growing business wthe an intention of reaching...
cristianek007's Story
healthy way to grow
hi im a normal guy who likes to cook a healthy food for children.. im working as kitchen supervisor for a nursery.
Jane Wamae's Story
Lets learn, share and thrive together
Public Health Expert,Researcher,Maternal and Child Health Mega Advocate,Bsc. Nutrition,MPH Student,believe in possibilities, diligent,Mum,Child of God,Blessed,currently Promoting the Kenyan Youth...
Grace Taylor 11's Story
Be Healthy, Be Active, Be Happy
Student nutritionist, placement year working with primary school nutrition with the aim of preventing childhood obesity.
Grace Taylor's Story
Be Healthy, Be Active, Be Happy
I am a student nutritionist currently on a placement year, working with primary school nutrition with the aim of preventing childhood obesity.
wig68's Story
I'm a nursery manager who has set up own nursery. Lots of help and support from family and with sheer hard work and determination.
Kim Eats's Story
Anything, as long as it's cake!
I work in the retail industry, concentrating on whole or 'real' foods. I have absolutely no idea where the politics degree or love of reading fits into this, but it works for me!
Lazypaws's Story
Funny, happy, loves life, loves writing, loves cats.
I'm a retired lady who spends most of my day at my computer, writing. I have a website on cats: www.thedailymews.com and I'm writing several books: one about my journey of living with leukaemia and...

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