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Early Years Cook's Training
 Grub4life offer a range of specialist cookery master classes and ...
Featured Celebrity Chef  
Mitch Tonks - www.youngsseafood.co.uk
Young's formed a partnership with Mitch in 2005 to help us bring the very best in seafood to the public.
More Celebrity Chefs & Contributors:
Annabel Karmel www.annabelkarmel.com
Annabel Karmel is the leading expert and best-selling author on baby and children food and nutrition.
Annabel Karmel's recipes | Annabel Karmel's tips Annabel Karmel's profile
Anthea Turner
Perfect housewife Anthea Turner shared her sandwich secrets with the nation to mark National Sandwich Week (11 -17 May). Courtesy of Bakkavor.
Anthea's recipes | Anthea's tips Anthea's profile
Anthony Worrall Thompson - www.watercress.co.uk
“National Watercress Week is a fabulous event celebrating this great British superfood.”, said Antony Worrall Thompson, “I am a huge fan of watercress, its distinctive mustardy flavour suits a variety of different dishes
Anthony Worrall Thompson's recipes | Anthony Worrall Thompson's tips Anthony Worrall Thompson's profile
Azmina Govindji
<br />Azmina&nbsp;is known for her lively personality and recently won a British Dietetic Association 2009 Roll of Honour Award for her voluntary work on the new recipe website <a href="http://www.theismaili.org/nutrition">www.theismaili.org/nutrition</a>
Azmina's recipes | Azmina's tips Azmina's profile
Blackcurrant Foundation
It may be small, but the mighty blackcurrant is bursting with more health promoting antioxidants than most other fruit and vegetables, including blueberries!
Blackcurrant's recipes | Blackcurrant's tips Blackcurrant's profile
Bring on the Salads Fresh Prepared Salads Producer Group
'Bring on the Salads'; is funded by The Fresh Prepared Salads Producer Group&nbsp;who all grow, market and supply UK supermarkets with fresh prepared salads
Bring on the Salads's recipes | Bring on the Salads's tips Bring on the Salads's profile
British beans and peas www.tastesofsummer.co.uk
British beans and peas are great for parents and guardians - easy to prepare and great for outdoor and indoor eating.&nbsp;
British beans and peas's recipes | British beans and peas's tips British beans and peas's profile
British Cheese British Cheese Board
The British Cheese Board has developed this delicious range of lower-fat recipes to suit all lifestyle requirements, reinforcing the fact that consumers have a fantastic choice of lower-fat options when making dishes that include cheese.
British Cheese's recipes | British Cheese's tips British Cheese's profile
Chantenay Carrots Chantenay Carrots
Hard working farmers have combined modern farming methods with traditional values to revive the Chantenay carrot, a variety that has not been widely available in Britain since the 1960's.<br />Available now from all good supermarkets, Chantenay carrots ta
Chantenay Carrots's recipes | Chantenay Carrots's tips Chantenay Carrots's profile
Clare Nasir www.mushroom-uk.com
TV Weather Presenter Clare Nasir says: I love mushrooms and I could think of many tasty recipes that involve them.
Clare Nasir's recipes | Clare Nasir's tips Clare Nasir's profile
Columbus Eggs
Columbus&reg; Omega 3 eggs
Columbus's recipes | Columbus's tips Columbus's profile
Farmhouse Breakfast Week
<p>Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an annual campaign that emphasises the importance of eating a healthy breakfast every day. </p>
Farmhouse's recipes | Farmhouse's tips Farmhouse's profile
Feeding Made Easy Gina Ford
It is every parents biggest dilemma: how to give their child a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
Feeding Made Easy's recipes | Feeding Made Easy's tips Feeding Made Easy's profile
Fiona Hamilton-Fairley
Fiona Hamilton-Fairley is the founder, CEO and Principal of The Kids&rsquo; Cookery School (KCS), a cookery school for children in Acton, West London.&nbsp; The school is a registered charity. Go to <a href="http://www.thekidscookeryschool.co.uk/index.php
Fiona's recipes | Fiona's tips Fiona's profile
Fiona Hunter
&lsquo;Eat Right for Your Eye Sight&rsquo; campaign
Fiona's recipes | Fiona's tips Fiona's profile
Gaby Roslin www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk
Celebrity mum of two Gaby Roslin (avid supporter of healthy living and the great outdoors) has joined forces with Anchor, the Free-range Butter Company to come up with Chocolaty Pat a Cakes, designed to resemble actual cow pats!
Gaby Roslin's recipes | Gaby Roslin's tips Gaby Roslin's profile
Goldenlay Omega 3 Eggs
Goldenlay Omega 3 Eggs deliver one third of daily long chain Omega 3
Goldenlay's recipes | Goldenlay's tips Goldenlay's profile
Hillary Graves
Hillary Graves is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Little Dish, the first and only range of fresh, natural food for toddlers and young children made with 100% natural ingredients and no added salt or sugar.&nbsp;
Hillary's recipes | Hillary's tips Hillary's profile
iminseason .com
There are many fussy eaters out there, with children often being accused of being the worst offenders in the fruit and veg world, but why not fool them into eating a delicious selection of seasonal veg?
iminseason's recipes | iminseason's tips iminseason's profile
Kathryn Hawkins Seeds of ChangeĀ®
Seeds of Change have had a number of recipes exclusively created by Chef and author of the Allotment Cookbook Kathryn Hawkins.
Kathryn Hawkins's recipes | Kathryn Hawkins's tips Kathryn Hawkins's profile
Kelkin gluten free suitable for coeliacs.
Kelkin, the 'healthy choice brand' specialist range of healthy foods and beverages are specialists in free-from and organic, great tasting nutritious products.
Kelkin's recipes | Kelkin's tips Kelkin's profile
Kim Wilde www.digyourdinner.co.uk
Kim Wilde supporting <a href="http://www.digyourdinner.co.uk/">www.digyourdinner.co.uk</a>&nbsp;encourages the British public to help preserve vegetable varieties whilst experiencing the rewarding and great tasting benefits of growing their own organic fo
Kim Wilde's recipes | Kim Wilde's tips Kim Wilde's profile
Kraft Philadelphia
Philadelphia has changed with the times to offer the range of varieties available in store today. <br />
Kraft's recipes | Kraft's tips Kraft's profile
Lesley Waters www.edammade.co.uk
Celebrity chef Lesley Waters knows the challenges parents face and for that reason is offering parents a step-by-step guide to cooking up tasty but healthy treats for the family. Her recipes all include Edam to make sure kids get enough calcium as they gr
Lesley Waters's recipes | Lesley Waters's tips Lesley Waters's profile
Lyle's Golden Syrup and Bompas & Parr
If the annual pancake toss usually leaves you with egg on your face, then Lyle&rsquo;s Golden Syrup has come up with a solution that will leave the family gasping in wonder rather than gasping in horror. <br />
Lyle's Golden Syrup and's recipes | Lyle's Golden Syrup and's tips Lyle's Golden Syrup and's profile
Mattessons Turkey Rashers
Mattessons Turkey Rashers combine low fat goodness with the irresistible taste of 100% turkey breast. Containing less than 2% fat and made with a naturally lean meat, Turkey Rashers are a deliciously versatile addition to any meal.
Mattessons's recipes | Mattessons's tips Mattessons's profile
Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking Paola Gavin
Traditional fare from every country around the Mediterranean is to be found in this book.
Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking's recipes | Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking's tips Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking's profile
Mitch Tonks - www.youngsseafood.co.uk
Young's formed a partnership with Mitch in 2005 to help us bring the very best in seafood to the public.<br />Mitch
Mitch Tonks's recipes | Mitch Tonks's tips Mitch Tonks's profile
Nigel Denby
Nigel combines his dietetic training with a love of food as a trained chef and restaurateur.
Nigel's recipes | Nigel's tips Nigel's profile
Peas www.Peas.org
Peas.org - Your source of information about peas - delicious recipes and supper ideas with peas
Peas's recipes | Peas's tips Peas's profile
Phil Vickery
Phil, a keen fan of British food, loves British Turkey because it is quick to cook, as well as being deliciously tasty, healthy and versatile.
Phil's recipes | Phil's tips Phil's profile
Philadelphia www.philadelphia.co.uk
There&rsquo;s more to Philadelphia than really good cream cheese, there&rsquo;s a whole range of flavours and fat levels, snacks and spreads. Explore our full product range below to find your favourite Philly.
Philadelphia's recipes | Philadelphia's tips Philadelphia's profile
Rachael Anne Hill
Rachael is an international best selling author and a leading expert in healthy eating for babies and children and a registered public health nutritionist. For more information visit www.rachaelannehill.com
Rachael Anne's recipes | Rachael Anne's tips Rachael Anne's profile
Sam Fairs Hillfarm Oils
Sam Fairs of Hillfarm Oils has been producing cold-pressed rapeseed oil for nearly four years on his family's Suffolk farm where acres of rolling countryside are covered in brilliant yellow rape flower every summer.
Sam Fairs's recipes | Sam Fairs's tips Sam Fairs's profile
Scwhartz Herbs And Spices
<p>A world of flavour</p>
Scwhartz's recipes | Scwhartz's tips Scwhartz's profile
Silvena Rowe
<p>The chef behind unearthed foods</p>
Silvena's recipes | Silvena's tips Silvena's profile
Tamzin Outhwaite
Actress Tamzin Outhwaite ashared her sandwich secrets with the nation to mark National Sandwich Week (11 -17 May). Courtesy of Bakkavor.
Tamzin's recipes | Tamzin's tips Tamzin's profile
The Shropshire Spice Company http://www.shropshire-spice.co.uk
The Shropshire Spice Company is today perhaps best know for its range of Gourmet Stuffings.
The Shropshire Spice Company's recipes | The Shropshire Spice Company's tips The Shropshire Spice Company's profile

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