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Kathryn Hawkins Seeds of ChangeĀ®
Seeds of Change have had a number of recipes exclusively created by Chef and author of the Allotment Cookbook Kathryn Hawkins.
Kathryn Hawkins Seeds of ChangeĀ®'s profile
Seeds of Change® started in 1989 with a simple idea — to offer gardeners and farmers a range of 100% organic seeds. In 1999 Seeds of Change decided to bring their expertise to the United Kingdom by developing a range of delicious sauces, soups, pasta and cereal bars. This range is organic and free of artificial additives and preservatives. Seeds of Change's aim is to provide a range of good honest food, full of taste and flavour that is also good for you.
"Everyone has the right to eat well. To eat a balanced and diverse diet of pure, wholesome, natural and nutritious food. Food you feel confident about feeding to your family."
Kathryn Hawkins has been a food writer and food stylist for over 17 years. She has worked on several women’s magazines on the full time staff and, since 1992, as a freelancer. A former cookery editor of the best-selling weekly magazine, Woman’s Own, Kathryn moved from south west London in 2004, to Perthshire in Scotland. She now works from an office in her beautiful Victorian guest house overlooking Strathearn and the Ochil Hills, in the market town of Crieff.
Kathryn enjoys using local Scottish produce, and is passionate about the quality and freshness of the food on her doorstep. She writes on a variety of subjects and has a particular interest in cakes and baking, regional dishes, special diets and healthy eating. She is currently writng and styling food features for the Dundee-based national women's magazine My Weekly.
As well as writing, Kathryn prepares food for editorial, PR and advertising photography, and she has worked with some of the top names in the food world - Nick Nairn, Jean Christophe Novelli, John Torode, Gary Rhodes and Tom Conran. Kathryn develops recipes and products for various food companies. She also teaches privately on a variety of cookery subjects, and has cookery demonstration skills
More recipe ideas at: - http://www.seedsofchange.co.uk

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