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Early Years Cook's Training
 Grub4life offer a range of specialist cookery master classes and ...

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Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel is the leading expert and best-selling author on baby and children food and nutrition. 
We have not set any dates for Annabel Karmel's next Q&A webchat

Audrey Deane- omega-3 specialist

Audrey Deane is a food scientist with 12 years experience in the food retail environment specializing in food technology and recipe development.    
We have not set any dates for Audrey Deane- omega-3 specialist's next Q&A webchat

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley is the founder, CEO and Principal of The Kids’ Cookery School (KCS), a cookery school for children in Acton, West London.  The school is a registered charity. Go to http://www.thekidscookeryschool.co.uk/index.php?id=44&page=Gifts-for-kids
We have not set any dates for Fiona Hamilton-Fairley's next Q&A webchat

Fiona Hunter

Celebrity nutritionist and author, Fiona Hunter, has teamed up with the College of Optometrists to launch the ‘Eat Right for Your Eye Sight’ campaign to raise awareness of the role a healthy, balanced diet may play in safeguarding eye health. 
We have not set any dates for Fiona Hunter's next Q&A webchat

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