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Nigel Denby - Chef & Nutritionist

Author of the GL Diet and Broadcaster, Nigel Denby combines his dietetic training with a love of food – he is a trained chef and restaurateur. Nigel’s TV presence include – BBC1’s “The One Show”, the ITV1 Series – ‘Teen Mums’ and ITV1’s ‘Kyle’s Academy’; BBC2’s ‘The Truth about Food’ and numerous appearances on BBC Breakfast. Writing for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Zest, Essentials and Somerfield Magazine, Nigel is also the Nutritionist for www.closerdiets.com
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Nigel Denby - Chef & Nutritionist's profile
His work across radio and television includes BBC and ITV news programming, Channel 4’s ‘Fit Farm’, BBC Breakfast,’ Real Story’ and ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’.
As the author of 5 books about GL (Glycaemic load) Nigel Denby is the UK's leading GL expert. GL is similar to GI (Glycaemic Index) but more effective. It works by making sure you eat the right amount of the right foods- without the hassle of point counting or faddy rules - see full explanation below. In January 2005 Nigel’s first book Diet Freedom-the GL Diet was published. Nigel has now written five further books including the 7 day GL diet and Nutrition for Dummies.
Nigel trained as a dietician at Glasgow Caledonian University, following an established career in the catering industry. He is also a qualified chef and previously owned his own restaurant. His dietetic career began as a Research Dietician at the Human Nutrition Research Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. After a period working as a Community Dietician, Nigel left the NHS to join Boots Health and Beauty Experience where he led the delivery and training of Nutrition and Weight Management services. In 2003 Nigel set up his own Nutrition consultancy, delivering a clinical service to Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital Women’s Health Clinic and the International Eating Disorders Centre in Buckinghamshire as well as acting as Nutrition Consultant for the Childbase Children’s Nursery Group.
+Nigel also runs his own Private practice in Harley Street specialising in Weight Management, PMS / Menopause, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food intolerance.  He is a member of the expert panel for the Nutrition and Health Show and consumer dietetic advisor for Complete Nutrition magazine.  In 2006 the Food Standards Agency DVD “Eatwell” featuring Nigel won a Silver Screen award at the US International Film and Video awards.
What is The Glycaemic Load?
Like counting calories, working out the GI of your meal is impractical and boring. The Glycaemic Load tests the amount of food needed to provide the body with 50 grams of useable carbohydrate, which may be much more or much less than you would ever eat in one sitting. Trying to weigh the ingredients of your meal to get the 50 grams of carbohydrate can give a misleading and confusing result. Using the Glycaemic Load (GL) to help you to eat healthily is much more sensible and much easier. You don’t have to count GLs (unless you really want to) and GL deals with the food on your plate rather than using complex weights and references. The food lists, shopping guide, eating-out guide, and of course the recipes in this book save all the confusion and effort. Eat regularly, take some activity every day, follow our eating plan, and you’re living the GL life already!

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