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Gill Peabody MSc,MSc,RN,RM,RHV

Since 2003 Gill has been the Public Health Coordinator for the Sure Start Acton programme (now merged into South Acton Children’s Centre) and has been responsible for the co-ordination of the health activities and management of the multi-disciplinary health team. Gill who recently obtained a MSc in Strategic Leadership also sits on the Ealing Childhood Obesity Strategy working group, is a member of the Ealing Teenage Pregnancy Board, Acton Children’s Centres Area Board and a Governor of South Acton Children’s Centre .

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Gill Peabody MSc,MSc,RN,RM,RHV's profile
Gill has worked in the NHS as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor and also overseas as a Midwife in Canada and a Health Visitor with the British and Gurkha Forces families in Germany and Hong Kong. Having obtained an MSc in Health Promotion she then spent time working for British Charity and a Dutch Foundation on a number of primary care and public health projects in Cambodia, Somalia and Mongolia.

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