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Sue Atkins - parent coach.

Sue Atkins a highly respected and professionally qualified parent coach.
A former deputy head teacher, Sue qualified for her teaching degree with a B.Ed (Hons) at St Mary’s College, London and then went on to achieve a Diploma in Life Coaching from the world renowned Coaching Academy.
Sue is also qualified as both an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, having been taught by Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder and creator of NLP and Paul McKenna.
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She is also a Thought Field Therapy parenting specialist. Thought Field Therapy is the power therapy of the 21st Century and is a simple and straightforward technique for resolving parenting stress, anger and guilt. TFT provides the code for unlocking nature's healing systems and has been used most recently by Paul McKenna on Sky TV, with whom Sue regularly assists on his ground breaking Easy Weight Loss Seminars in London.
She is also on the International Register of Professional Coaches.
In addition to running one to one parent coaching sessions Sue is also a regular speaker at events and workshops throughout the UK. She is currently working on a series of parenting workshops for progressive and innovative employers, addressing issues of work-life balance.
She is a working mother of two teenage children, she enjoys salsa dancing, particularly round the kitchen table and singing loudly in the car, and she lives on a farm in Surrey with her family, three dogs, two cats and a hamster called Strawberry!
Positive Parents = Confident Kids
“Because kids don’t come with a handbook”
Established in 2005, Surrey based Positive Parents = Confident Kids was founded by Parent Coach and former Deputy Head teacher Sue Atkins.
Positive Parents is a company dedicated to working closely with parents to offer support and assistance in addressing the problems they face in daily life in their adventure to raise the ideal family.
Sue knows from experience, having supported many parents since the launch of Positive Parents that the most common difficulties encountered can often be resolved when parents achieve a sense of clarity, direction and confidence in their own ability as a parent.
Sue explains “When things aren’t going to plan, it’s easy to focus on what you aren’t managing to achieve with your children, rather than focusing positively on what you are! Changing this attitude is the vital first step in achieving parental success”.
Positive Parents offers support in raising happy, confident children. Helping parents discover their own answers through exploring their feelings about being a parent, exploring their own resources and skills and creating options that will work within their family.
Positive Parents offers a number of ways to assist parents develop their confidence and skills enhancing and fine tuning family life including:  

• One-2-One coaching sessions for parents
• Telephone coaching sessions
• Workshops
• Group coaching sessions
• Ongoing email support coaching
• Monthly newsletters for parents
• A collection of Parenting Made Easy Toolkits covering a wide variety of parenting topics from toddlers to teens.
• Free reports on how to raise happy, confident, well-balanced children.
One-2-One Parent Coaching
Put simply, Parent Coaching is a series of conversations with a purpose between Sue Atkins and parents. It is a professional and personal relationship to assist parents in moving forward and creating change easily and effortlessly.
It introduces new ways for parents to think about themselves and their family relationships in a non-judgmental, non-critical and confidential way. Importantly however it’s not about giving advice or solutions, it’s about helping parents discover their own answers.
Telephone coaching sessions
Conducted in a similar manner to the one-2-one coaching sessions, Positive Parents telephone coaching is an effective way for parents to speak with Sue directly and as frequently as required in a non-judgmental and confidential manner without the necessity to meet face to face.
Positive Parents Workshops
Using professional coaching techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Positive Parents allows parents to unlock the "secret code" to their parenting potential, giving them confidence and skills that they may never have believed possible.
Whether parents are coming along because they are going through some changes in life, are simply experiencing challenges or feel they would just like to discover more effective ways to communicate with or discipline their children, then coming to a Positive Parents workshop will change their life and take their skills to the next level.
Ongoing email support coaching
Sometimes a little support goes a long way, and it is with this in mind that Positive Parents offers an ongoing email coaching service to assist parents as part of their coaching programme. Given the difficulties that every parent encounters day in, day out, questions will inevitably arise from time to time, and when this is the case that little piece of advice and guidance can often prove invaluable in solving the problem.
Newsletters, Publications and Reports
Positive Parents publish a wide variety of literature to assist parents and their
families throughout the coaching programmes. From books including “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” the latest release in the world famous yellow and black ‘Dummies’ series to promote self confidence, clarity and encouragement for parents, to Parenting Made Easy Toolkits aimed at giving parents simple yet effective techniques and strategies for greater confidence and direction in family life from toddlers to teens. This combined with a collection of regular newsletters and reports, guarantees that parents receive all the support they need to achieve their desired goals easily.
At Positive Parents = Confident Kids parents learn new things, experience change, gain clarity and direction in their parenting and have fun along the way which is why so many parents say that working with Sue is a major turning point in their lives.
For further information on Positive Parents = Confident Kids then please visit their website at www.positive-parents.com

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