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Laurel Edmunds

Laurel Edmunds has worked with children and their parents in a pastoral setting for over sixteen years. She originally became concerned about overweight children whilst teaching in inner London in 1993, which lead her to pursue a PhD in the prevention of childhood obesity at Exeter University.
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Laurel Edmunds's profile
She subsequently was awarded the Association for the Study of Obesity Researcher Prize in 1999.
Her TV credits include: - 'Transformed: Overweight Teenagers', ITV1 and 'Let them eat crisps; but only sometimes' – BBC2.
Laurel has focused her research in the Study of Obesity over the last thirteen years. At the University of Oxford she researched children’s dietary and physical activity behaviours as well as the psycho-social implications of overweight/obesity for both parents and children. 
Laurel was one of the five Specialist Advisors to the House of Commons Health Committee’s inquiry into obesity and was a Co-opted Expert for the NICE guidelines. She reviews the prevention and treatment evidence-base for children and adults.
Laurel was part of the children’s obesity clinic in Bristol for two years. She has delivered over 60 conference presentations, published over 20 peer-reviewed papers, several chapters and has co-authored a child weight management book to be published by Cambridge University Press.
Laurel is currently working as an independent researcher and exploring the potential of positive psychology in weight management.
Academic Activities
• Department of Health’s Strategy into Action (Obesity Prevention).
• Specialist Advisor – (one of five to the) House of Commons, Health Select Committee Inquiry into Obesity.
• Co-opted Expert to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines development groups for prevention and treatment of obesity.
• Economic and Social Research Council for their new lifestyle research programme.
Invited Memberships
• McGill Think Tank (McGill University, Montreal) Preventing Obesity in Children.
• Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Research Group on obesity.
• National Obesity Forum’s All Party Parliamentary Group in the House of Commons on Obesity.
• International Obesity Task Force Childhood Obesity Group covering the psycho-social effects of childhood obesity, and reviewing prevention strategies.
• Authoring advice for parents displayed on the European Union Childhood Obesity website:- www.childhood-obesity.org.
• European Childhood Obesity Group.
• Author- National childhood obesity weight management guidelines: Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and National Obesity Forum guidelines for primary care and paediatricians.
• Author: of childhood obesity articles in health professionals literature e.g. Obesity in Practice, National Association of Primary Care Review, National Obesity Forum, Young Minds Magazine.
• Cochrane review team member for both prevention and treatment intervention systematic reviews.
• Peer reviewer for proposals and papers for a number of journals including the following:
• Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health
• BMA, Developing Patient Partnerships
• BMJ, and BMJ Public Health website
• British Nutrition Journal Public Health Nutrition
• Child: Care, Health and Development 
• Diabetes UK
• Family Practice
• Health Education Research
• International Journal of Obesity
• International Journal of Paediatric Obesity
• Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
• Journal of the American College of Nutrition
• Journal of Child Health Care
• Postgraduate Medical Journal

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