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Carolanne Buckley, Counselling Psychologist

Carolanne is currently working as a Counselling Psychologist with children, adolescents and families in the Health Service Executive (HSE), Child & Adolescent Psychology Service Carlow/Kilkenny.
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Carolanne Buckley, Counselling Psychologist's profile

Before this, she has had the opportunity to work in various community and mental health services with children, adolescents and adults from
diverse ethnic backgrounds and a variety of emotional, psychological, behavioural, social and cognitive issues.
Carolanne is a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, has conducted a number of research topics on issues relating to psychology and is actively involved in committees to promote psychological, mental and emotional wellbeing.
She personally endeavours to have and enjoy a work/life balance.
Carolanne Buckley, Counselling Psychologist (B.A. in Psychology; M.Sc in Counselling Psychology; Diploma in Child Psychology; Cert in Child Psychotherapy; Certificate in Personality of Psychology)


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