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Angeline Westley

Angeline Westley has been a fitness instructor for 16 years, with qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology, varied fitness disciplines and nutrition.  With a background in financial sales, she also holds the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development Certificate in Training Practice.
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While conducting nutrition consultations, it became clear that the combination of her sales skills with the way she was discussing food choices with her young daughter, had created a style of delivery that made it really easy and fun for people to understand the basics of eating a healthy balanced diet. 
Then, with a mission of including fitness, she designed a creative healthy eating workshop for children, and after having difficulty finding teaching aids which would effectively facilitate the learning, she started making her own.   It then became obvious that many more children could benefit from the workshop if the teaching aids were constructed in a manner which would allow ‘anyone’ to deliver the lesson, and so The NutriSkill Healthy Eating Programme of Learning and Tailored Learning Resources Ltd were born.
The resource is co-written with a registered dietitian, in line with government guidelines and age based food competences, to deliver on ‘The National Healthy Schools Programme’ and ‘Every Child Matters Legislation’.  Our users include children’s centres, schools, play groups, special schools, healthy schools coordinators, dietitians, sports trainers, charities, local authorities and primary care trusts.
0845 388 0789 / www.nutriskill.co.uk


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