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Nigel Denby - Chef & Nutritionist

Author of the GL Diet and Broadcaster, Nigel Denby combines his dietetic training with a love of food – he is a trained chef and restaurateur. Nigel’s TV presence include – BBC1’s “The One Show”, the ITV1 Series – ‘Teen Mums’ and ITV1’s ‘Kyle’s Academy’; BBC2’s ‘The Truth about Food’ and numerous appearances on BBC Breakfast. Writing for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Zest, Essentials and Somerfield Magazine, Nigel is also the Nutritionist for www.closerdiets.com
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Nigel Denby - Chef & Nutritionist's webchat schedule
14-04-2009 14:54 - 24-04-2009 21:54 Early Years nutrition webchat for Childminders (Archived)
04-11-2008 14:26 - 13-11-2008 14:26 Toddlers served food banned from schools (Archived)
01-01-1970 00:00 - 00:00 Your Grub4Life 24 x 7 chat room (Archived)

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