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Early Years Cook's Training
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0017 Weaning- Ages and Stages Training Course

Early Years Cooks Training Module - Level 2: Weaning, ages and stages- ½ day


Aims and objectives:
• To provide Early Years cooks with the knowledge and skills to provide nutritious foods in appropriate textures using a wide range of food to accommodate all stages of weaning.
• To fulfil the above while working from the main menus served to children over the age of 1 year.

In the first year of life an infant will triple it’s birth weight and it’s length will increase by 50%. Compared with adults, infants have a higher requirement per kilogram body weight for energy, protein, iron and calcium. After around 6 months milk is no longer able to fulfil the nutritional needs of the growing child. The introduction of solid foods during weaning is also essential for the development of motor skills, speech and the successful transition to family meals.
Within the childcare setting weaning can be a challenge, with children at different stages and uncertainty about what are appropriate weaning foods.
This training course provides Early Years cooks with the skills, knowledge and confidence to accommodate the nutritional needs of infants at this critical time.

• Training will combine theoretical nutrition in the early years with practical cooking and eating master classes.

• All ingredients for practical elements of the training will be provided by Grub4life.

 Theory training includes:
• Weaning: ages, stages and textures 6-9 months, 9-12 months- 1-5years
• Effect of early years nutrition on life long health

Practical cooking session: Quick and easy, nutritious Grub4life dishes demonstrating simple adaptations for first purees, textured meals and finger foods

• Homemade pizza
• Pasta Prima Vera
• Chicken Quesadilla
• Creamy chicken pasta
• Creamy vegetable soup
• Thai spiced vegetable noodles

This is a basic outline of the training module but of course sessions can be tailored to an individual child care setting needs.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion of course.

Cooks Weanig certificate.gif

For further information and to discuss your requirements contact Nigel Denby RD at

Email: nigel@grub4life.org.uk



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