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Early Years Cook's Training
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0013 Food Allergy Training Course

Early Years Cooks Training Module - Level 3- Food Allergy - ½ day


Aims and objectives:
To provide Early Years cooks with the skills to cater for children with a range of food allergies or intolerances.

Key skills include:
• Identify allergens within foods
• Make practical and nutritionally appropriate substitutions for allergenic ingredients/foods
• Adapt recipes for special diets
• Due diligence procedures

This training course combines theory and practical cookery. It provides cooks with the skills to produce healthy, nutritious foods that young children with food intolerances or allergies will eat.
The practicalities of cooking in the childcare setting means that dealing with food allergies is an enormous challenge. It’s estimated that 1/5 children under 5 may develop a food intolerance or allergy at some stage. Many children grow out of these problems but in severe cases exposure to an allergenic food can result in serious illness and even death.
It is vital that childcare settings cater for children with food allergies without compromising their nutritional status. The most common allergies and intolerances in the under 5s are to wheat, milk and eggs. This course will focus on these three foods but the skills developed by participants can be applied to any food allergy.

• Training will combine theoretical nutrition in the early years with practical cooking and eating master classes.

• All ingredients for practical elements of the training will be provided by Grub4life.

Theory training includes:
Understanding allergy, identifying allergens, appropriate replacement ingredients, specialist products, recipe adaptation.

Practical cooking session:
• A selection of Grub4life recipes which all incorporate allergenic ingredients- participants will adapt recipes to make them allergy safe. Recipes will also demonstrate use of different protein sources and varied fruits and vegetables.

This is a basic outline of the training module but of course sessions can be tailored to an individual child care setting needs.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion of course.

Cooks allergy certificate.gif

For further information and to discuss your requirements contact Nigel Denby RD at

Email: nigel@grub4life.org.uk


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