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Banana Power

Health food experts, Natur Boutique, have introduced an exciting new banana snack bar to the UK which, although it might not give you Bananaman’s super powers, will tantalise taste buds, creates a perfect lunch box snack and makes an easy way to help give your child one of their five a day… 19-04-2012

The new bar’s sole ingredient is Lady Fingers Bananas, which are a smaller, sweeter version of the fruits we’re used to in the UK and are also known as ‘Date’ or ‘Fig bananas’ because of their delicious sweet, sticky taste.

The bar not only tastes delicious, but because it’s organic, natural, uses raw bananas (no cooking is involved, which can breakdown nutrients) and contains no additives, colourings, flavourings, preservatives or GMO ingredients it retains all the goodies that you’d find in a normal banana, but easily fits into a lunch box, gym bag or pocket without the worry of it getting squashed or bruised and it won’t go black and cause your other fruits to over ripen.

All Tropica bars are specially wrapped to lock in the goodness of nature and at just £0.79 each, aren’t to be missed.

Visit www.naturboutique.co.uk for more details or ask at your local health store.

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