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Don’t Let Snoring Slow You Down

The supplement for ‘the other half’ that could improve ‘your’ wellbeing 01-06-2012

This week has seen the national press report on the health risks snorers can face from their night time noises, but let’s not forget the real sufferers and how their energy levels and alertness can be affected.

Up to 50% of men are thought to snore and many women have to suffer in silence as they struggle to get a good night’s sleep and are affected the next day, having to deal with work and children on too little sleep.

Whilst coffee and a cold shower might help in the short term, a natural remedy called ‘Helps Stop Snoring’ could be a longer term solution. Their products, which include an oral spray and mouth wash, work through the use of a blend of natural essential oils that help tone the soft tissues at the back of the throat - snoring often occurs when these soft tissues relax and vibrate as we breathe during sleeping.

Although the company haven’t got stats to show that preventing your partner snoring will definitely help you better deal with screaming kids their products have been clinically proven to help prevent snoring in four out of five users meaning, for most of us who suffer with a snoring partner, we’ll get a better night’s sleep and that can only mean one thing for our energy levels and performance the next day.

Helps Stop Snoring products are available in most major retailers, including Boots and Sainsbury’s. For more information please visit www.stopsnoring.co.uk

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