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Early Years Cook's Training
 Grub4life offer a range of specialist cookery master classes and ...

GlaxoSmithKline admits false health claims
Australian legislation on nutritional labelling has come under the spotlight with the announcement late last week by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that its Ribena drinks brand may have misled consumers over the amount of vitamin C it contains.

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Wales ban on smoking in cars with children from October

A BAN on people smoking in cars carrying children will be introduced in Wales on October 1, 2015, Health Mark Drakeford announced today. People caught flouting the new law would face a £50 on-the-spot fine.

Police inspectors slam use of cells to house sick teen - Nottingham Post

"An area of significant concern is in the detention of children in custody for their own protection under the mental health legislation."

Smoking in cars with children to be banned from October

The Welsh Government proposed the ban in July last year in a move to help protect the health of children and the risk of passive smoking. 

Terrible books for ruining children's health

The book Melanie's Marvelous Measles has proven to be an online hit (sort of).

Lifestyler with Josie McKenlay: Child Obesity

Have fruit after dinner instead; ditch the biscuits and crisps and make (with the help of the children) healthy snacks such as banana, date and walnut bread which doesn't require any sugar to be added, but stick to a small slice ...and more »

Ban on smoking in cars with children will be outlawed

Smoking in cars with children will be outlawed in England from next October following a final vote of MPs.

Girl in Nottinghamshire Police cell 'had no food or water for 44 hours'

An inspection of Nottinghamshire Police's child protection work by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found the teenager went without provisions for 44 hours. 

Ottawa Mission director, children's performer named to health board

The head of the Ottawa Mission and a children's entertainer who has pioneered music therapy programs are among new members of Ottawa's Board of Health. The board oversees the city's $56-million public health budget.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose urges parents to vaccinate children

Health Minister Rona Ambrose is making a vocal push for parents to get their children vaccinated against measles and other infectious diseases if they haven't already. Rona Ambrose says anti-vaccine movement puts children at risk.

Children's Health

Thousands of children require medical attention every year. Local healthcare professionals are working to help them, and meet the need. 

Get your kids vaccinated to protect them, other children: health minister

The federal health minister says she can't help but get emotional over some parents' decision not to get their children vaccinated against infectious diseases. "I find it really irresponsible," Rona Ambrose said Tuesday.

Pregnant Duchess of Cambridge makes private visit to children with mental

Kate had listened to the school's head teacher Dr John Ivens, an educational psychologist, speak at the Place2Be conference on children's mental health in June.

Teenage girl held by police under mental health act went 'without food or water'

Nottinghamshire Police's Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Jupp, said: "We never want to be in a position where children need to be taken into custody, whether for crimes or because of mental health issues.

NSW Health screening children and staff after child care worker is diagnosed ... - 9news.com.au

Screenings of more than 100 staff and children at the Only About Children centre in Surry Hills began today after a person believed to be a staff member became infected with the disease.

At least one unvaccinated child banned from school by Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health said a person infected with measles visited the West End College Street YMCA daycare in late January, possibly exposing 120 children to the highly contagious disease.

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