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Cigarettes may be sold in plain packets

www.gdaguru.com today reports that cigarettes may be sold in plain packaging or hidden from sight under-the-counter in shops, under measures to stop children taking up the habit, ministers said. 

One in five pregnant women 'failed by NHS' during labour

www.grub4life.com today reports that women giving birth in NHS hospitals are still being failed with one in five left alone and many sent home without support, a major report has found. 

CWDC plans to retain support role

www.grub4life.com today reports that the Children's Workforce Development Council plans to continue as a sector skills body despite its loss of Government funding. 

Children should be given flu jab

www.grub4life.com today reports that toddlers in Britain should be vaccinated against flu, researchers have said, as a new study shows it protects seven in ten children. 

Childcare in deprived areas is worse than anywhere else, says Ofsted

www.grub4life.com today reports that the gap in quality of early years and childcare provision in deprived areas has worsened over the past year, according to Ofsted's annual report. 

Children will be given shopping vouchers for walking to school

www.grub4life.com today reports that children will be given shopping vouchers for walking to school under a radical Government plan to combat obesity. 

Gove unveils Education White Paper

www.grub4life.com today reports that reforms for all schools in England have been revealed by education secretary Michael Gove in his schools White Paper, 'The Importance of Teaching'.

Storm in a bottle as Ed Miliband says his baby has formula milk

www.grub4life.com today reports that Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has provoked a debate among mothers and midwives by declaring in a BBC news report that his young baby is fed formula milk.

Grub4life applauds the Government’s decision to integrate Public Health Policy with Children’s Services

The Government has announced that £4 billion of public health spending is to move over to local government control which will include the development of Health & Wellbeing Boards featuring Directors of Children’s Services and Health Commissioners working together to improve the health of their local community.

EU bans bisphenol A chemical from babies' bottles

www.grub4life.com today reports that the European Commission has announced a ban on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles from next year. 

Doctors say most PE lessons neglect all-round fitness

www.grub4life.com today reports that leading sports doctors have strongly criticised the way PE is being taught in English schools. 

Being fat aged nine can lead to raised heart disease risk

www.grub4life.com today reports that children who are overweight by the age of just nine are at a higher risk of going on to develop heart disease, researchers have found. 

Children learn gender bias at nursery

www.grub4life.com today reports that nurseries that highlight people's gender tend to promote stereotypical views in children, according to an American study. 

The City is urged to invest in early intervention

www.grub4life.com today reports that Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has called on banks to help fund early intervention. 

Maternity 'postcode lottery' revealed in NHS figures

www.grub4life.com today reports that midwives have criticised the 'postcode lottery' in maternity care after official NHS figures revealed caesarean rates are twice as high in some hospitals as others. 

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