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Anne Diamond honoured for her role in saving over 15,000 children's lives in the last 15 years.


Anne Diamond honoured for her role in saving over 15,000 children's lives in the last 15 years. 

Health campaigner and broadcaster, Anne Diamond, was tonight honoured by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health with their first ever award - The College Medal.


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3DS gaming may harm children’s eyes, Nintendo warns

www.grub4life.com today reports that Nintendo Co. has put out a warning to parents letting them know children under the age of 6 should not play with the forthcoming 3DS, a handheld electronic video gaming console that utilizes 3D technology but does not require special glasses. 

Unhealthy lifestyle 'ingrained by age 16'

www.grub4life.com today reports that unhealthy lifestyle choices could be so ingrained in us by the time we are 16 that there is no way back from a life of illness, scientists claim. 

First complete 'saviour sibling' transplant carried out in the UK

www.grub4life.com today reports that British families now have the right to a controversial treatment that uses the cells of one child to help save the life of its sibling. 

Midwives call for 'seismic shift' in maternity services

www.grub4life.com today reports that the leader of the UK's midwives says there needs to be "a seismic shift" in the way maternity care is provided. 

Obese German children 'should face' classroom weigh-ins

www.grub4life.com today reports that Germany's main school teaching body has called for classroom weigh-ins and the enforced removal of ultra-overweight pupils to combat rising obesity in society. 

Children going back to school will trigger major flu epidemic

www.grub4life.com today reports that the decision to cancel the flu vaccination programme for the under-fives risks starting the first epidemic for a decade when schools return next week. 

Literary heavyweights force free books U-turn

www.grub4life.com today reports that the Government yesterday promised to continue funding a scheme which provides free books for children following a backlash from authors over plans to scrap state support. 

Do not go sledging without a helmet, warn doctors

www.grub4life.com today reports that a row over "health and safety" has broken out after doctors said children should only be allowed to go sledging if they wear helmets.

We are what our father ate – before we were born

www.grub4life.com today reports that you are what your father eats, according to new research, which shows that his diet while growing up can affect your future health. 

Daily bath 'raises baby's eczema risk'

www.grub4life.com today reports that giving babies a bath every day increases their risk of eczema, say health experts. 

Increasing numbers of children are surviving cancer

www.grub4life.com today reports that forty years ago, children with cancer had less than a 25 per cent chance of living for five years; now more than 75 per cent survive. 

Early intervention grant is not ring-fenced

www.grub4life.com today reports that details of the Early Intervention Grant, designed to provide universal and specialist services for children, young people and families, have been set out by the Government. 

Girls who start school earlier might have lower obesity risk

www.grub4life.com today reports that a step to combat childhood and adolescent obesity might simply be to start school sooner. 

Early years qualifications extension welcomed

www.grub4life.com today reports that colleges and awarding bodies have been reacting to the decision by the Children's Workforce Development Council to extend the deadline for offering some early years and childcare qualifications until January 2012. 

Barack Obama signs child nutrition and anti-hunger law

www.grub4life.com today reports that US President Barack Obama has signed into law an effort to improve child nutrition and combat rising obesity. 

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