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Teacher issues swearing warning

A Greater Manchester head teacher has warned parents they will be banned from his primary school if they swear while on the premises.

Children are 'exercising less'

Only one in eight youngsters is getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Switch program increases kids' healthy eating, reduces screen time

The Switch™ programme, 'Switch what you Do, View, and Chew', has been shown to be capable of promoting children's fruit and vegetable consumption and lowering 'screen time'.

Exempting private nannies from the vetting and barring scheme could be dangerous

The Government's controversial Vetting and Barring scheme has come under fire again after it emerged that nannies employed directly by parents will not be required to register.

Local councils 'kept £1.1bn nursery funding', says report

Up to £1.1bn of Government funding for the free entitlement for three- and four-year-olds is not being passed on to nurseries by local authorities, says a new report.

Six-year-old boy punished for bringing knife to school

A six-year-old American schoolboy will be suspended after bringing his favourite camping cutlery to school.

BHF engages children with new online game

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has relaunched its popular Yoobot online game that aims to help educate children of the longterm effects of poor diet and exercise habits. 

School stars 'enjoy good health'

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health study found the least popular children had a nine times higher risk of ischaemic heart disease.

Pressure piles on mum to find variety in midday meals

Picky children, few ingredients and early mornings rushing around trying to organise the family before school… when it comes to making up their kids’ lunchboxes, mums certainly don’t have it easy.

More premature babies being born

Edinburgh University research published in the journal Public Library of Science Medicine found the growing number of expectant mothers with diabetes had resulted in an increase in the numbers of babies born prematurely.

Children's centres give little say to childminders they work with, says NCMA

More children's centres are working with childminders, but often in superficial relationships that give childminders no real say in the organisation, according to a survey.

Child swine flu jab trials begin

About 1,000 children are taking part in a study testing two swine flu vaccines ahead of a UK vaccination programme.

Unions unite to stop tide of campus nursery closures

Unions have launched a joint campaign to stop nursery closures in universities and colleges.

Ofsted stops working parents from sharing childcare

Parents are calling for a change in the law following Ofsted's ban on two mothers from sharing free childcare by taking it in turns to look after each other's children.

Nursery worker found guilty of child sex abuse

A nursery worker, Vanessa George, and two accomplices, Angela Allen and Colin Blanchard, have pleaded guilty to child sex abuse.

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