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NICE Consults On Draft Recommendations On Weight Management In Pregnancy And After Childbirth

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is currently developing new public health guidance on dietary and physical activity interventions for weight management in pregnancy and after childbirth. 

Answers for your child’s allergies at The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2010

Are you struggling to find the answers for your child’s allergies? Attend seminars, workshops and find the answer FOR FREE at The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2010. For full terms & condition please visit www.allergyshow.co.uk/terms-&-conditions

US Researchers Publish Findings On Obesity Prevention Intervention

Findings from a pilot study designed to examine the effect of a school-based obesity prevention intervention on weight and academic performance, show a decrease in body mass index and an improvement in academic performance among elementary-aged children. 

Fruit drink study finds antimony, but no cause

A new Danish scientific study has revealed higher than expected levels of antimony in a range of packaged fruit juice drinks and fruit-based cordials. However, the discovery of elevated levels in juices in three different packaging materials means the source of contamination remains unclear.

Childhood Obesity A Risk For Premature Death

A study now being published The New England Journal of Medicine shows how childhood obesity, together with other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, affects premature death. 

Physical activity in schools 'makes children fitter'

Increasing PE lessons in schools and giving 'exercise homework' improves children's fitness and body weight, researchers have found, after previous studies suggested it had no effect. 

Five outstandings at once for nursery chain

A Montessori nursery chain has been rated outstanding in all five of its inspected settings.  The Tudor House Montessori group has three nurseries in Burgess Hill and two in Lindfield, West Sussex. 

Vocabulary of poorer children 'lags a year behind'

Children growing up in the poorest families are almost a year behind middle-income families in their vocabulary levels by the time they start school, according to research commissioned by educational charity the Sutton Trust. 

Early Years Single Funding Formula pathfinder local authorities for 2010 named

The DCSF has named 56 local authorities that have been approved to implement the Early Years Single Funding Formula from April by becoming second-wave pathfinders. 

EYFS rules for playworkers threatens holiday provision

Parents of young children have been warned that they are likely to face a shortage of available holiday childcare this Easter because many providers are struggling to recruit qualified staff. 

Motherhood is a Worry for UK Mummies

UK Mum’s are big worriers when it comes to bringing up the kids… ·         33% of Mothers worry about whether they are bringing their children up right ·         45% describe Motherhood as a rollercoaster of emotions ·         Almost half of first time mums state the hardest thing about motherhood is knowing whether they’re doing it right

Peanut allergies tackled in largest ever trial

Doctors in Cambridge believe they may soon have a cure for peanut allergies.  About one in 50 young people in the UK suffers from peanut allergies which can cause breathing problems, itching and, in severe cases, a potentially fatal inflammatory reaction called anaphylaxis. 

Probiotics for mum during pregnancy may cut obesity in children

Taking probiotics during pregnancy may lead to less diabetes during pregnancy and reduce the risk of obesity later in a baby’s life, says a new study.

Testing babies' motor skills development 'could help prevent learning delay'

Babies who are behind in their development at the age of nine months are more likely to have learning and behavioural problems at the age of five, according to a major study published recently. 

New research reveals men need help this Mothering Sunday and lots of it ...

Top gaffes include: ·         20 per cent of men have forgotten about Mother’s Day ... ·         One in six men have given their mum a kitchen gadget ·         The average bloke spends £15 on his mum

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