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Low folate levels in early pregnancy may lead to hyperactive kids

www.grub4life.com today reports that the development of a child’s brain in early pregnancy may be impaired by low folate levels in the mother, and lead to behavioural problems such as hyperactivity and inattention, says a new study.  

Mexico bans junk foods in schools

www.grub4life.com today reports that the Mexican Government has ordered an end to fried foods and sweets on school grounds, in an effort to combat childhood obesity. 

Vitamin A for mum may boost lung function in kids

www.grub4life.com today reports that supplements of vitamin A during pregnancy may improve lung function in infants by about 3 per cent, according to a new study from the US. 

People who are overweight face a greater risk of developing asthma

US researchers found that there's three times the risk of asthma for people who are overweight.

Dried-up drinking fountains bad for children's health

www.grub4life.org.uk/news today reports on a survey which finds that the vast majority of public parks around the UK have no public drinking fountains.  This encourages thirsty children to turn to sugary alternatives or go without, both of which are bad for their health.

Children of working mothers more likely to be overweight

www.grub4life.com today reports that scientists believe that the strain of juggling a job and parental duties means that the children of working mothers have less healthy diets and are more likely to be overweight. 

Children exercise twice as much on holiday

www.grub4life.com today reports that over two thirds of youngsters (69.1%) get more than seven hours of exercise a week when on holiday, while only half that figure are that active at home, a survey has found.  

Fewer sugary drinks could reduce blood pressure

www.gdaguru.com today reports that drinking fewer sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure, according to a new study from the American Heart Association, adding to a growing body of evidence linking reduced soft drink intake with better health. 

Lack of exercise worse for health than being obese

www.gdaguru.com today reports that an expert in sport and exercise medicine has claimed that a  lack of exercise is worse for people’s health than simply being obese.

High blood pressure in young people concerns experts

www.grub4life.com today reports that a new study in Canada suggests that about one in 30 Canadian children and adolescents have high blood pressure or are at risk of developing it. 

Sure Start is protected under coalition agreement, but access could be restricted

www.grub4life.com today reports that outreach services offered by Sure Start are to be cut in order to fund 4,200 more health visitors, it emerged last week as the new Government unveiled its full coalition agreement. 

Children's Workforce Development Council loses £15m, but Sure Start keeps funding

www.grub4life.com today reports that the Children's Workforce and Development Council (CWDC) is to have its budget slashed by £15m over the next year after being named as one of the first victims of Government cuts. Sure Start holds on to its existing funding, however. 

Childcare, literacy, play and early years transition hit by DfE cutbacks

www.grub4life.com today reports that more details of where the Government's axe will fall have emerged, with children's play, literacy initiatives and childcare subsidies for parents training to get back into work all due to suffer cutbacks. 

Italy launches foetus in cocktail glass poster to stop women drinking

www.grub4life.com today reports that Italy has resorted to shock tactics to warn women of the dangers of drinking while pregnant, launching a campaign based on the image of a foetus inside a cocktail glass. 

Births to older mothers 'treble' in 20 years

www.grub4life.com today reports that the number of births to older mothers has almost trebled in 20 years and is continuing to rise.

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