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Minister pledges to create 4,200 health visitor jobs

www.grub4life today reports that the public health minister has confirmed the country is to get 4,200 extra health visitors. 

Special baby care 'still failing'

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that standards for the care of sick babies have not improved in England despite government action, says a charity. 

Playbuilder scheme loses money and ring-fence

www.grub4life today reports that the Government has announced it is to reinstate the Playbuilder scheme, although it is to lose a third of its funding and the money will not be ring-fenced. 

Boom in new mums in their fifties

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that  the number of women over the age of 50 having babies increased by more than a half last year as IVF techniques become more advanced, new statistics show. 

Removal of ring-fence to affect Sure Start and services

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that Sure Start and services for children and families are at risk, following the decision in the spending review to remove ring-fencing from local authority budgets, early years and family organisations have warned. 

Obese teenagers 'show signs of heart disease'

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that the blood vessels of obese teenagers look more like those found in middle-aged people, say Canadian researchers.  

Childcare cost cut hits return to work

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that low-income parents will find it more difficult to return to work, following cuts to the amount working parents can claim for childcare costs and an increase to the number of hours they must work to be eligible for tax credits. 

Breast-Feeding Safe for Women After Breast Cancer Treatment

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that women who have survived breast cancer should not be denied the opportunity to breast-feed their children, says a new study. 

More girls than boys admitted to hospital due to drink

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that more girls than boys are being admitted to hospital because of their drinking it has been revealed as experts warn of 'rampant' alcohol consumption by children.   

British Parents Face Sleepless Nights as Daylight Savings Ends

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that new research into children’s sleep patterns reveals that parents across Britain are in for an even tougher battle to get their kids to sleep over the next few weeks following the clocks going back. 

Let me entertain you

www.grub4life.co.uk reports today that parents spend less than six minutes a day playing with their children. 

Putting clocks back damages our health, says expert

www.gdaguru.com today reports that not putting the clocks back this weekend would help people exercise more and stay healthier, says an expert. 

Eye injury warning over Hallowe'en apple bobbing

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that Hallowe'en enthusiasts were warned to take care when apple bobbing by an eye specialist who said injuries and infections can occur. 

National Maternity Day recognises excellence in midwifery care

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that the 29th October has been designated National Maternity Day. 

Skipping breakfast in childhood and adulthood associated with bigger waist

www.grub4life.co.uk today reports that skipping breakfast in both childhood and adulthood is associated with a larger waist circumference, increased cardiometabolic risk factors, poorer diet quality, and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours. 

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