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Success for child obesity scheme
A community programme which aims to encourage obese children to be more healthy has proved highly successful, a study has found.
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Overeating Triggered by Lack of BDNF says study

What are the factors that determine how much food is consumed? Part of the mystery is unfolding in the laboratory of Maribel Rios, PhD, at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

Surgery No Quick Fix for Sleep Problems

Surgery for obstructive sleep apnoea has no clear benefit and should not be offered as a first treatment, argue researchers in this week??ôs BMJ.

Get Running in the New Year!

New Year is here and its time for us to start thinking about getting back into shape after the festivities of Christmas. With 1.5 million of us choosing to pull on our trainers and hit the streets, running is one of the most popular ways to keep fit.

UK and US 'keenest on fast food'

Many blamed the food available for rising levels of obesity

"The Fattening of America" Provides Contemporary Look at Economics of Obesity

A new book written by Eric Finkelstein, Ph.D., a health economist at RTI International, and Laurie Zuckerman takes a contemporary look at the economics of obesity.

Thyroid Treatment No "Quick Fix" For Weight Loss in Children

Children treated for hypothyroidism aren't likely to drop pounds with treatment for the condition says a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Aussies are keen weight watchers

OUR waistlines may have expanded under the excesses of the season, but Australians are among the world's biggest users of weight loss programs, according to an international survey on obesity.

Who is more likely to make a New Year??ôs Resolution to lose weight?

During October 2007, LighterLife conducted a client survey to examine the phenomena of the world’s most common New Year’s Resolution: to lose weight!

Greater Risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke from Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

People taking cholesterol-lowering drugs such as atorvastatin after a stroke may be at an increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke, or bleeding in the brain, a risk not found in patients taking statins who have never had a stroke.

BMI Criteria for Obesity Surgery Should be Lowered says American Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found that the existing body mass index criteria for obesity surgery often excludes a group of obese patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.

More bad news as new research shows cancer links to being overweight

Women with diabetes are 1.5 times more likely to develop colorectal cancer than those who do not have the metabolic disorder, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota.

Alarming rise of COPD deaths amongst women

Women have made a good deal of welcome progress in the last several decades, but at least one advance is unwanted: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is on the rise in women in prevalence, morbidity and mortality.

Mediterranean Diet and Physical Activity Lowers Death Rate

Eating a Mediterranean diet and following national recommendations for physical activity are each associated with a reduced risk of death over a five-year period,

Keep Fit After 40 - and reduce your chance of a stroke by half!

People who have good physical function after the age of 40 may lower their risk of stroke by as much as 50 percent compared to people who are not able to climb stairs, kneel, bend, or lift as well,

Food industry work on reducing trans fats praised by FSA

Responding to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) board paper on trans fats, Julian Hunt , FDF Director of Communications said: “We applaud the work undertaken by the FSA in such a short time to ensure a balanced debate about this issue at the board meeting tomorrow.

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