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Mums pregnancy diet linked to atherosclerosis in offspring
Researchers at the University of Southampton say that women who reduce food intake while pregnant increase the risk of their children suffering from clogged arteries later in life. (31-07-2006)
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More premature babies being born

Edinburgh University research published in the journal Public Library of Science Medicine found the growing number of expectant mothers with diabetes had resulted in an increase in the numbers of babies born prematurely.

Children's centres give little say to childminders they work with, says NCMA

More children's centres are working with childminders, but often in superficial relationships that give childminders no real say in the organisation, according to a survey.

Child swine flu jab trials begin

About 1,000 children are taking part in a study testing two swine flu vaccines ahead of a UK vaccination programme.

Unions unite to stop tide of campus nursery closures

Unions have launched a joint campaign to stop nursery closures in universities and colleges.

Ofsted stops working parents from sharing childcare

Parents are calling for a change in the law following Ofsted's ban on two mothers from sharing free childcare by taking it in turns to look after each other's children.

Nursery worker found guilty of child sex abuse

A nursery worker, Vanessa George, and two accomplices, Angela Allen and Colin Blanchard, have pleaded guilty to child sex abuse.

Sure Start Issues outlined by MPs

Ministers have released further details of the scope of an inquiry into the effectiveness of Sure Start Children's Centres.

Winners of the Nursery World Awards 2009 unveiled

The Nursery World Awards 2009 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London last Friday celebrated the best in the early years sector. Find out who won.

Childcare voucher companies slam Gordon Brown's plans to scrap tax relief

Childcare voucher companies have hit back at plans to scrap tax relief on employer-supported childcare in order to pay for free childcare places for 250,000 two-year-olds.

Current vitamin D doses insufficient for mothers-to-be

Many mothers to be are not getting enough vitamin D, even those taking supplements at the recommended doses, says a new study from Northern Ireland.

Out-of-school club providers are offered help online

Information and support for anyone running an out-of-school club is being offered on a new online service.The Out of School Alliance has been set up by Catherine Wrench, a childcare professional, and Clare Freeman, an internet consultant.

Immunity to allergies from going to nursery is 'a myth', says study

The belief that going to nursery helps children build up immunity to asthma and allergies later in life is wrong, new research suggests.

Battle of the breakfast table as cereal makers fight health warning TV ads

The Food Standards Agency will in October launch a fresh drive to reduce consumption, highlighting the fact that 75% of salt eaten is in foods such as breakfast cereals, tomato ketchup, ready-made soup and bread.

Study Backs Kids' TV Junk Food Ad Ban

A new study provides clear evidence of the health benefits of banning TV junk food advertising aimed at children.

Experts to give advice on petting farms after E.coli outbreak

The Government has asked a panel of experts to decide whether children should be banned from petting farm animals, after an outbreak of E-coli was linked to a farm in Surrey

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