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Good manners do cost says survey

Good manners cost nothing so says the old maxim.  However, according to the latest research from The Children’s Mutual that’s not strictly true, with 44 per cent of children now financially rewarded for good behaviour.

New survey highlights crucial role of mental wellbeing

There needs to be much greater attention and effort on improving mental wellbeing to help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives, according to the results of a major new survey of people in the North West launched today, which reveals significant differences in levels of mental wellbeing.

A deafening silence - children and young people with diabetes feel they are being ignored

Thousands of children and teenagers with diabetes in the UK are left disenfranchised and at risk of developing serious health complications because they often feel healthcare professionals and schools don’t always listen to their needs and help them control their diabetes,

New programme to make health inequalities everybody’s business

A new programme in thirty areas of the country will support the health service and local public sector organisations to work together to reduce inequalities by tackling local challenges.

Orphaned Haitian children to be allowed into US

The US says it will temporarily allow orphaned Haitian children into the US, following last week's earthquake.Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the move would allow children eligible for adoption in the US "to receive the care they need".

Row cooking over burgers in NHS hospitals

The NHS has come under fire for undermining the fight against obesity by allowing Burger King restaurants inside hospitals.

Swine flu jab for children rolled out across Wales

Parents and guardians of children aged between six months and five years are being urged to have them vaccinated against swine flu.

Child drug errors 'too frequent'

Mistakes are being made in a high number of drug treatments given to children in hospital, experts warn.A snap-shot study by the University of London of five hospitals in the city found 13% of the 3,000 prescriptions they examined had an error.

Smacking pupils in part-time schools could be banned

A loophole allowing corporal punishment to be used in part-time schools is to be urgently scrutinised by the government's child safety adviser.

Pregnant women should be weighed regularly to protect babies from danger of obesity

Pregnant women should be weighed regularly to safeguard the health of the unborn child against maternal obesity, medical experts have said.

Death of the traditional British family walk

The traditional family walk is dying out with severe consequences for the nation's health, new research warns.

Measures taken in childhood predict Type 2 diabetes in later life

Cardiovascular (CV) risk factor measurements taken in childhood accurately predict incidence of Type 2 diabetes in later life, report US researchers.

Childcarers can do their bit for WOW

Childcare settings are being invited to do something amazing this February to mark World Orphan Week (WOW).The charity SOS Children is asking all childcare providers to take part in the week from 8 to 14 February and help give orphaned and abandoned children around the world a family for life.


Heart surgeon, Shyam Kolvekar, is calling for Britains to stop eating butter and other foods high in saturated fat in a move that he feels would save thousands of lives each year. He has become increasingly concerned as he sees younger and younger patients, some as young as 33, who need a heart bypass operation due to a diet overloaded with saturated fat.

Reading by five doesn't make better readers later says research

Teaching children to read at the age of five is not likely to make them better at reading than children who start to learn at seven, according to new research.

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