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Mexico tackles record child obesity

Mexico's rich diet of tacos, tortillas and tortas (large sandwiches) has steered its children to the top of world obesity charts.

Childcare places available drop by thousands

The total number of childcare places in England has dropped by 11,000 in three months as the recession takes its toll on early years providers, the latest Ofsted figures show.

Tories propose adding new module to childcare training

Former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith has recommended that a new module be added to childcare courses to teach practitioners how to identify developmental problems in children.

Funding boost to get kids walking to school

A London scheme that encourages families to ditch the car and walk their children to school at least once a week will receive an £800,000 boost from the Government to extend outside of the capital.

South Korea to restrict junk food ads on TV

South Korea will ban junk food advertisements on television during children's prime viewing times in an effort to help prevent child obesity.

Rickets makes a comeback among computer generation

The growth of the computer generation and changing lifestyles among children are leading to a Vitamin D deficiency and a rise in cases of rickets, medical experts have warned.

£11 Billion - for poorer kids just to get fatter and have more bad teeth says children’s nutritionist.

In a new study released today, the Audit Commission confirms that the health of under-fives has deteriorated in the past decade despite more than £10 billion spent with disappointing results.  Nigel Denby, Grub4Life.org.uk’s founder blames the lack of basic nutrition standards and consistency in childcare with some providers spending less than 25p per child per day on food.

Fast food menus with calorie information lead to lower calorie selections for young children

In a new study, the amount of calories selected by parents for their child's hypothetical meal at McDonald's restaurants were reduced by an average of 102 calories when the menus clearly showed the calories for each item.

Nursery meals just not good enough

Initial results from a survey of nursery food in England have suggested that many settings may be giving children food that does not provide enough fat or energy.The study was conducted by Trading Standards and highlighted as part of a BBC 'Panorama' investigation into food for the under-fives. It found that of ten nurseries in Hampshire that volunteered to take part in the research, none were providing enough fat or energy in their meals.

Under-fives need a healthier start in life

Government policies and programmes have not significantly improved the health of the under-fives in the past decade, according to a new study by the Audit Commission.

Cuts threaten all Birmingham council's nurseries

All of the council-run nurseries in Britain's second-largest city are under threat of closure as the local authority plans to slash the budget for early years by £1.45m from April.

Pregnant Women Who Are Overweight Put Their Infants at Risk

A new article published in the journal Nursing for Women's Health finds that obesity in pregnant women is associated with pregnancy complications, birth defects, as well as a greater risk of childhood and adult obesity in infants born to obese mothers.

Britons May Be Avoiding Wheat Unnecessarily

Research shows that up to 20 per cent of adults think they or their children suffer from a food allergy or food intolerance. However evidence suggests that the real prevalence of food allergy and intolerance in adults is less than 2 per cent and around 5% in children. It means that millions of people could be avoiding certain foods unnecessarily and without proper medical advice. The report by the University of Portsmouth and commissioned by the Flour Advisory Bureau, also reveals that over half of the British population believes that wheat allergy is a common illness and in 2009 wheat was the most commonly self reported food allergen.

Mayor Of London Joins Forces With New York To Battle Childhood Obesity

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has welcomed the findings of a new report tackling obesity in kids in both London and New York.

Start4Life – a new arrival

The latest Change4Life campaign for babies and toddlers launches to the public this month, to help new parents give their children the best possible start in life.

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