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Inquiry calls for a family revolution

www.grub4life.com today reports that a national inquiry into family life has called for a major overhaul of services, including Sure Start children's centres. 

Communication champion seeks more emphasis on PSED

www.grub4life.com today reports that the review of the Early Years Foundation Stage might consider the option of an increased emphasis on personal, social and emotional development and communication and language, according to Communication Champion Jean Gross. 

Too much screen time 'risks children's mental health'

ww.grub4life.com today reports that children who spend longer than two hours a day in front of a computer or TV are more likely to suffer psychological difficulties than other youngsters, a UK study suggests. 

Deborah Meaden Secures First Major Dragon’s Den Social Media Deal

Tesco.com have announced a major new deal with Dragon's Den winner MyDish.co.uk - a unique social networking recipe website dedicated to saving British family recipes for future generations.

Stressed out mothers make asthma in children worse

www.grub4life.com today reports that children are more likely to suffer severe asthma if their mothers are stressed, study finds.  

Children's centre leaders think ahead

www.grub4life.com today reports that future policies around children's centres could see those that provide childcare as the preferred model of provision for all children, new research suggests. 

Winter Warmers from Cathedral City

www.grub4life.com today reports that with Halloween looming and Bonfire Night around the corner, one of the nation’s favourite cheese brands Cathedral City has prepared some winter warming recipes to keep everyone toasty during those chilly evenings. 

Delia convinces ministers to go frozen

www.gdaguru.com today reports that the 'Delia effect' has at last penetrated the corridors of Whitehall, with Department of Health mandarins saying it is now "no longer a sin" to cheat in the kitchen.  

Nice could ration IVF embryos

www.grub4life.com today reports that women who undergo fertility treatment on the NHS could be rationed to one embryo at a time, under an official review. 

More than 30 maternity and casualty units facing the axe

www.grub4life.com today reports that dozens of casualty and maternity units are facing the axe in an "unprecedented" wave of NHS frontline cuts.   

Baby milk advert banned over 'brain health' claim

www.grub4life.com today reports that an advertising campaign for baby milk has been banned for claiming the product helps child brain development. 

Children’s hospital food is damned by CASH

The recent report from the Consensus Action Group on Salt and Health (CASH) confirms what Nigel Denby, dietitian and founder of Grub4life has long suspected about the state of hospital food for children. It’s in a sorry state.

hospital meals contain over twice the amount of saturated fat allowed in the average school lunch

New Research reveals hospital meals for kids fail to meet school nutritional standards for salt and saturated fat

UK'S first cook-along website is here

TheAmateurChef, a new concept in recipe and cookery websites, has launched this month. Users can cook-along with real time videos for every dish and browse through a wide range of fun, new recipes and cooking tips.

ADHD in children 'may have genetic cause'

www.grub4life.com today reports that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could be genetic rather than caused by a bad diet, as commonly suggested, says a new study. 

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