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GMC gives up right to self-regulation

The General Medical Council (GMC) has given up the right to self-regulation in favour of giving equal representation to lay people.

Moscow doctors works of art could grow on you

A Moscow doctor has started to make made-to-measure condoms, after some of his patients complained they had problems finding ones that fitted.

Obesity knocks GM off the agenda.

A leading researcher at the Royal Agricultural College (RAC)today confirmed that genetic modification has "disappeared off the radar screen", as a consumer food issue

60 million Chinese are now officially overweight

 About 160 million Chinese have high blood pressure and 20 million have diabetes.

Alcohol and obesity have been declared Scotland's top health concerns

Alcohol and obesity have been declared Scotland's top health concerns amid predictions that lung cancer could be almost wiped out in the future.

Eye test that offers a picture of health

A pioneering eye examination is being used by some specialists to diagnose diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

Olivers army lay down their knives and forks

A survey of local education authorities has found that Jamie Oliver’s healthy menus for schools may be the reason for a fall in the number of children eating school dinners.

Tomb Raiders keep kids fit

The company Gymkids has launched a new device to encourage children to work out while they play computer games.

A GOVERNMENT adviser has called for junk food to be banned in public places to tackle Scotland's obesity epidemic

Professor Annie Anderson, director of the Centre for Public Health Nutrition Research at Dundee University, who has advised the Scottish executive on school meals, believes that people should be banned from eating burgers and chips on public transport and that supersize portions of fizzy drinks and popcorn should be phased out in cinemas.

Double Whopper comes a cropper with health campaigners

 Burger King has produced a new Double Whopper that is so calorific it would take nine miles to walk it off.

Exercise could help reduce diabetes symptoms

New Zealand researchers at Auckland University of Technology say that combining resistance training with aerobic workouts appears to be the most effective type of exercise for long-term control of blood sugar.

Save small playing fields to keep kids healthy, say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats say that more than 1,000 small playing fields have disappeared over the past four years – despite a government pledge to protect them.

Parents snub bid to tackle child obesity

A ground-breaking scheme to tackle the timebomb of childhood obesity is being snubbed by parents in the Sudbury area.Shocking figures recently showed a third of all 10- to 11-year-olds in Suffolk are overweight or obese – risking a future blighted by ill-health and an early death.

Obesity, labelling and red tape dominate food industry concerns

Representatives from the EU food and drink industry were in Brussels last week for a biannual meeting organised by their industry association, the CIAA. Dominating the agenda was concern over the correct industry response to the increasingly worrying problem of obesity.

British Army recruits too fat to fight

An official report today (03/11/06) says that the British Army is having to extend training for new recruits because so many of them are obese.

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