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Cereal bars more fatty than a can of cola

www.grub4life.org.uk today reports that the image of cereal bars as a healthy snack is a 'myth', as a study finds that many contain higher levels of fat and sugar than a can of cola. 24-08-2012

All but one of the 30 bars in the study were high in sugar, with 16 containing more than 30% sugar, the consumer group Which? found.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: ''People often choose cereal bars in the belief they're healthier than chocolate or biscuits but our research shows this can be a myth.
''With high levels of sugar and saturated fat in some of these products they should be on the sweet counter, not marketed as health foods.
"Manufacturers need to be much clearer about how much sugar, fat and calories are loaded into each bar so people can make an informed choice. We want all foods to have the traffic light colour coding system so people can see easily what they're eating and giving to their children.''
With thanks to www.telegraph.co.uk
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