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Snacking and BMI

www.gdaguru.com today reportsthat according to new research snack consumption and BMI are linked to both brain activity and self control. 11-08-2012

MRI scans showed that participant's 'brain reward' response to pictures of food predicted how much they would subsequently eat. This was more significant than the relationship of conscious feelings of hunger and subsequent food consumption. The study also found that those who lacked self control were more likely to be overweight.

This study, which is now published in the journal NeuroImage, adds to mounting evidence that overeating and increased weight are linked, in part, to a region of the brain associated with motivation and reward, called the nucleus accumbens. Responses in this brain region have been shown to predict weight gain in healthy weight and obese individuals, but only now have academics discovered that this is independent of conscious feelings of hunger, and that self-control also plays a key role.

With thanks to www.medicalnewstoday.com

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