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Drinking fizzy pop for a month 'can lead to lifelong health problems’

www.grub4life.org.uk today reports that sugary drinks can cause weight gain and long-term health problems if drunk regularly for as little as a month, according to scientists. 30-07-2012

Too much fizzy pop or sweetened fruit juice alters the body’s metabolism, so that the muscles use sugar for energy, instead of burning fat, a study found.

The effect is long-term, making the pounds harder to shift and raising blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, it was claimed.

Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, who led the research at Bangor University, said: “Our results give a stark warning against regularly drinking sugar-sweetened drinks.”

Dr Kubis has been campaigning for the Government to take action to encourage the public to cut down on sugary drinks.

He added: “Clearly taxation on sugary drinks is overdue. This money could be invested in the NHS where it is urgently needed to treat people with obesity problems and diabetes.”

With thanks to www.telegraph.co.uk
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