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24/7 super-surgeries planned for NHS

A leading surgeon who advises the Department of Health said yesterday (11/12/06) that super-surgeries might be available 24/7 as part of future plans for the NHS. Professor Ara Darzie – a leading cancer care specialist at London’s the Royal Marsden and St Mary’s hospitals – believes that more illnesses should be treated outside hospital. 12-12-2006


hospital2.jpgProf Darzie has been commissioned by the capital’s strategic health authority NHS London to produce a plan for the first system of integrated health services across London. The blueprint could, however, be used by other major towns.

Prof Darzie said that, in the USA and Europe, more people were treated at clinics that also diagnosed a range of hospital1.jpgconditions. He said that the super-surgeries would have “a full range of diagnostic apparatus”, but would need modern buildings.

Speaking to London’s Evening Standard newspaper, Prof Darzie said each clinic would serve around 50,000 patients and be staffed by 25 GPs. NHS London said his report – expected in the spring – should be the “most significant” development in the NHS in London “for years”.




Source: The Daily Telegraph, 12/12/06, page 8





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