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Depleted soils are damaging our health say scientists

www.grub4life.org.uk today reports that scientists are expressing increasing concern that the low levels of selenium in British soil is having a damaging effect on our health, as we are not getting enough of the mineral through the food we eat. 15-08-2012

Selenium is very important to health as it's used by the body to make ‘selenoproteins'; these work in a similar way to antioxidants and prevent damage to cells. Furthermore, research published in the Lancet has discovered that the mineral also plays a vital role in everything from enhanced fertility and thyroid function to arterial health and regulating blood pressure.

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Commenting on the article Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at the Nutri Centre said:

“Natural sources of selenium include sardines, sunflower seeds, prawns, eggs, wholemeal flour and lean meat. Brazil nuts are an especially concentrated source of selenium so it’s a good idea to try adding a few of these into your diet each day.”

“If you are concerned about your levels of selenium, it could also be worth supplementing your diet using a high quality supplement such as BioCare Nutrisorb Selenium drops (RRP: £15.65 available from www.nutricentre.com)”.

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