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Early Years Cook's Training
 Grub4life offer a range of specialist cookery master classes and ...

Tell us the website you find useful and that you think may be of interest to the Buddies. Here are some that have been suggested and this is your opportunity to add your won and add your comments.
4 Little Tots Online Baby Shop
They say: 4 Little Tots is an online shop selling a great range of good value and quality toys and other products suitable for babies, toddlers and young children. Their range includes baby playmats and gyms, baby bouncer chairs, baby swings, high chairs, prams and toys.


WebMaster Tony says:

Adams provides a selection of online fashionable clothes for kids.



Allens of Mayfair, online butcher
They say: Allens of Mayfair, one of the oldest butcher in Mayfair, London. You can order your meat onine, fresh meat delivered to your door. Pre-order your turkey, ontime for Christmas.
Allergy UK
Nigel says:


Allergy UK is the country's leading medical charity dealing with allergy

allergy UK.gif

Alpro Soya
WebMaster Tony says:

Alpro Soya provides information on soya and its health benefits, information on thier products, and general health and wellbeing as well as recipes.

Grub4life would like to thank Alpro Soya for providing an Educational Grant with Dairy UK for the production of the Grub4life Food Allergy and Intolerance Manual

Joing the Grub4life Allergy Forum  http://tiny.cc/allergyforum Part of Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Awareness Week 25th-29th January 2010

 alpro soya.gif



Anthony Worrall Thompson- www.watercress.co.uk
Nigel says:

Antony’s career has spanned over 30 years. His latest books include GL Diet and Antony’s Weekend Cookbook. One of only seven chefs to have been awarded the lifelong title of MOGB - the chef's Oscar - Antony became known for his success at the helm of several high profile establishments, among them Knightsbridge’s famous Ménage a Trois, which is widely known to have been a favourite with Lady Diana. Try out Antony’s latest watercress specialities, which will be sure to impress any guests.

For Anthony's inspirational Watercress recipes click here http://tiny.cc/Watercressrecipes

For more information and more fabulous recipes go to:- http://www.watercress.co.uk


WebMaster Tony says:

Aptamil is here to help you give your baby a healthy start in life, from pregnancy through to toddlerhood.

aptamil logo.gif

Nigel says:

The website of Mother and baby magazine and Pregnancy and birth magazine
Everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond from women who have been there, done it and bought the T-shirt. Really practical advice, support and great place to find info quickly.

Mother and Baby Magazine.gif



Asquith Day Nurseries
WebMaster Tony says:

Asquith Day Nurseries is the UK's leading provider of premium childcare and education for the under 5s. At each of their nurseries, your child will receive a rich, stimulating nursery experience which will be a positive influence on their learning and development. Each nursery is part of the Asquith family - a group of more than 100 day nurseries and crèches throughout the country.

asquith day nurseries.gif


Baby Barn
WebMaster Tony says:

The Baby Barn is the UK's premier discount baby equipment and nursery furniture online store offering FREE UK delivery. For over 15 years  they have provided a first class service at discount prices, selling an extensive range of top brand, high quality baby equipment. Everything for baby, including prams, pushchairs, carseats, highchairs, cots, cotbeds, mattresses, travel cots, moses baskets, buggyboards, bedding, nursery furniture, toys, rocking horses, christening wear, baby clothes, feeding and bathtime products.


WebMaster Tony says:

Babyexpert provides tips and information for every mum and mum-to-be.


WebMaster Tony says:

Babythings4u provides a wide selection of baby bouncers, pushchairs, and carseats.


Bassetts Soft & Chewy vitamins
WebMaster Tony says:

Bassetts realises that vitamins don’t need to be hard, horrible-tasting and complicated to be good. They think; why not make them soft, chewy and delicious instead? And why not make them easy to understand and choose, instead of being confusing and complicated? So that’s what they’ve done. After all, why make things hard when they don’t have to be?

bassetts soft and chewy.gif

Bed Guards UK
They say: Bed Guards UK is home of the Bed Bumper which is a revolutionary new design of bed guard. Made from foam its much easier to fit and much comfier for little ones.
Bel UK
WebMaster Tony says:

Bel UK provides recipe ideas and nutrition tips on how to encorporate cheese into a healthy balanced diet.

bel uk.gif

Blackcurrant Foundation
Nigel says:

It's the special antioxidants called anthocyanins, which give blackcurrants their distinctive dark colour. British blackcurrants are grown and bred especially for their deep colour, which makes them extra good for you. The Blackcurrant Foundation has been established by British growers to raise awareness of the numerous health benefits of British blackcurrants.
To find a selection of Blackcurrant recipes prepared by the Blackcurrant Foundation click here http://tiny.cc/Blackcurrantrecipes

blackcurrant foundation.gif

Blossom- Stop Allergies Spoiling Children
Nigel says:

Blossom is the exciting new children's campaign from Allergy UK that aims to give hope and support to childhood allergy sufferers and their families.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions
WebMaster Tony says:

Founded in 1986, Bright Horizons Family Solutions is the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education and work/life solutions. Conducting business in the United States, Europe and Canada they have created employer-sponsored child care and early education programmes for more than 600 clients.

bright horizons.gif

British beans and peas
Nigel says:

The British bean and pea season is nearly upon us – starting from June and running on until September and you can find lots of recipe ideas on www.tastesofsummer.co.uk. British beans and peas are great for parents and guardians - easy to prepare and great for outdoor and indoor eating. 

  • Broad Beans – June
  • Peas – July
  • Runner Beans – August
  • Dwarf Beans - September.

There is also a fantastic kids section on the www.tastesofsummer.co.uk with activity sheets to keep kids busy during the summer months

For a selection of recipes specially prepared for Grub4life go to:  http://tiny.cc/beanrecipes
British beans and peas.jpg

Go to http://www.tastesofsummer.co.uk now

WebMaster Tony says:

When your little one needs more than just a kiss to help them feel better, CALPOL® is here to help with their trusted range of soothing treatments. For over 40 years, parents have turned to their medicines to ease their children's aches and pains and help their little patients get back to their normal selves.


Ch√Ęteau de Sable - French childrens clothes for newborn to 12 years
They say:

Château de sable an exciting and chic collection of French designed children’s clothes for newborn to 12 years.

For variety we offer new designs each month and only offer a limited number of each so as to maintain their exclusivity. Enjoy browsing and shopping with us!
Childbase Nurseries
WebMaster Tony says:

Child Base is an independent company established in 1989. Its culture is totally child-centred, offering a stimulating and caring environment.


ChildCare is Fun
WebMaster Tony says: childcareisfun.gifA funtabulous site for littlies and their grown ups with the added bonus of a FREE parenting advice service!
WebMaster Tony says: Choiceorganic provides a selection of organic baby products.
Chronos Coffee
WebMaster Tony says: Chronos Coffee is dedicated to shipping only the highest quality blends to you.
Complete Nutrition and Complete Nutrition Focus magazines
Nigel says: n2me_logo_CMYK.gifThe online home of CN & CN Focus magazines, nutrition2me.com is a website packed with useful information and resources to keep all health professionals with a working interest in nutrition up-to-date. At nutrition2me.com you can test your knowledge using the unique professional development features, view online video seminars, browse the latest news and take part in visitor polls.
Cook Vegetarian! magazine
WebMaster Tony says:


The monthly magazine packed with delicious meat-free recipes, tips, cookery solutions, shopping pages and more. www.cookveg.co.uk

Cookery Courses at The Gables School of Cookery
WebMaster Tony says: Recently featured in Channel 4's Country House Rescue programme the Gables School of Cookery offers cookery courses to provide the necessary skills for people from all backgrounds and ages. If you want to pursue a professional catering career or are an enthusiast seeking to cook with confidence and flair for friends and family then our cookery school will be able to help. We offer one day cookery courses, one week courses and four week residential cookery courses. The latter will bring you to a standard of cookery that that you would expect to find in a good restaurant.
Cost Cutters UK
WebMaster Tony says: Cost Cutters UK are the UK's number one supplier of pioneering educational equipment. With over 30 years experience, we understand the importance of excellent customer service and reliability you can trust. Although we have a wealth of experience, we value the importance of feedback from teachers, advisors, early years professionals and parents highly, due to the fact that their number one priority is identical our own - the children. The consequence of this type of caring business set up is outstanding school supplies that will meet your needs daily.
Cow & Gate
WebMaster Tony says: Cow & Gate's expert advice helps support you & your baby from the first pregnancy signs to baby feeding, weaning and toddler nutrition.
Dairy Council
WebMaster Tony says: the Dairy Council's nutritional information relating to dairy foods, diet and health is based upon sound scientific evidence and is regularly updated with the latest findings
Early Learning Centre- ELC
WebMaster Tony says: ELC provides a wide range of children's toys, books, games and puzzles.
Fabulous Kids
They say: Fabulous Kids is the home of funky children's clothes, practical products and gift ideas.
Family Fare Delivery Los Angeles
WebMaster Tony says: Let NutrifitOnline.com be your source for family fare delivery in Los Angeles.
Family Rights Group
They say: Family Rights Group is the charity in England and Wales that advises, advocates and campaigns for families whose children are involved with, or require, social care services. We provide confidential telephone advice and support for parents and family members, including grandparents who are raising grandchildren who cannot live at home. We work to increase the voice children and families have in the services they use, and promote policies and practices that improve children's lives.
Nigel says:

“The FeedyEasy toddler feeding system is a simple tool designed to help ensure parents feed thier toddlers a healthy, well balanced diet every day. It consists of Toddler Food Scoops to help with portion control, and the Toddler Food Record and Toddler Food Planner to lend a hand with all the meal planning.  We also offer continued support to parents, including friendly, free advice anytime from a qualified Health Visitor.  And due to a demand we can now provide trained Feeding Advisors to give talks at children’s centres on all issues surrounding toddler nutrition.  Simply visit our website at www.feedyeasy.com for more information.  “



They say:

FeedyEasy_logo_highres.jpgThe FeedyEasy toddler feeding system is a simple tool designed to help ensure parents feed thier toddlers a healthy, well balanced diet every day. It consists of Toddler Food Scoops to help with portion control, and the Toddler Food Record and Toddler Food Planner to lend a hand with all the meal planning. 

We offer continued support to parents, including friendly, free advice anytime from a qualified Health Visitor.  Simply visit our website at www.feedyeasy.com for information.  Due to a demand we now also provide trained Feeding Advisors who give talks at children’s centres on all issues surrounding toddler nutrition.


They say:


I recently visited http://grub4life.org.uk/useful_links/ page and
I want to suggest a new site for inclusion in this page

Title: ForFarmers.com
URL: http://www.forfarmers.com/
Description :ForFarmers.com is a marketplace for buying and selling various breeds of dairy products like cheese, butter, eggs, milk, ice cream, yogurt as well as dairy equipment, equine jobs and a wide range of services.

Thank you very much,
Julia Scott

GLS Educational Supplies - Nursery
They say: GLS provides primary & secondary schools, child carers and parents with learning materials and equipment to develop children skills.
Goodness Direct
Tri Loades says:

This is a great website and online supermarket for anyone who has food allergies or cooks/ shops for someone with food allergies.

You can search for foods by the allergy you have so you don't need to trawl through endless pages of irrelevant rubbish. Follow the 'Special Diets' link towards the top right of the home page.

Not only that, this supermarket is also packed with organic goodies, cruelty free toiletries and other eco-friendly stuff. So shop here and you can feel you are doing yourself and the planet a little bit of good :-)

WebMaster Tony says: Welcome to GoodnessDirect, where healthy shopping is made easy.The health and well being haven; GoodnessDirect gathers together everything that is good for you. Delicious foods to help you eat healthily, fitness foods, organic foods, vitamins and herbal remedies, fresh foods, cruelty free toiletries and eco-friendly stuff. If you are on a restricted diet don't feel left out, Goodness Direct has 1000's of foods for you, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and other special diets foods.
Health and Local Food for Families
curly_gingernut says: Charity that runs 'Make and Munch' free cooking and nutrition sessions for parents and young children, allowing them to discover and learn how to prepare healthy tasty food for the family.
HEART UK -The Cholesterol Charity
Nigel says:

HEART UK -The Cholesterol Charity -  is passionate about preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
The charity aims to help families with a high risk of premature cardiovascular disease (CVD), especially those with inherited high cholesterol. More than three quarters of people with inherited high cholesterol are not diagnosed and therefore remain untreated.
HEART UK seeks to break the vicious cycle of unnecessary heart attacks and death in young people from families with an inherited high risk, and to ensure that people can live healthy, active lives rather than become disabled by illness. The charity provides nursing and dietetic support through a dedicated helpline.

HEART UK strives to encourage innovative approaches to prevention by sharing scientific and medical information, knowledge and expertise through national and international networks. The charity offers a platform for exchanging information about healthy living and state-of-the-art treatment of high-risk patients, and is committed to ensuring that all individuals affected by these conditions are able to receive the medical treatment they need.

HEART UK has recently launched a redlaces campaign to ‘keep young hearts running’. Redlaces raise awareness of the dangers of FH and raise funds to support the work of HEART UK.
With half a million pairs out on bikes, playing fields, tennis courts and skating rinks we can all raise awareness about the risks of inherited high cholesterol and make people question their family’s heart history.


Heinz Baby
WebMaster Tony says: Heinz Baby has a complete range of foods and recipes carefully designed to provide nutrition, development and enjoyment for your little explorer at every stage of the journey. Great Explorers start with Heinz.
Hello Baby
They say: Hello Baby is an online nursery shop that loves baby stuff. They stock a fantastic selection of baby nursery stuff in their online shop including nursery furniture, feeding equipment, toys, activities, baby safety and travel stuff, all at great prices. Worldwide delivery.
HGCA (Home Grown cereals Authority) Trade Body
WebMaster Tony says:

HGCA's mission is to continuously improve the production, wholesomeness and marketing of UK cereals and oilseeds so as to increase their competitiveness in UK and overseas markets in a sustainable manner.

Campaigns include









Hovis Bread
WebMaster Tony says: Hovis is driven by three simple principles. They believe that natural is best – which is why they never use artificial flavours or preservatives in any of thier products. They believe that taste is all important – which is why they never compromise on thier recipes and are constantly testing them to make sure they’re the tastiest possible. They believe that good bread should be good for you too – which is why they're proud to be known as the healthiest bread brand around and why they’re working round the clock to find ways to make their loaves even healthier.
WebMaster Tony says: Huggies provides tips for new mums and dads.
Igloo Kids
WebMaster Tony says: Igloo Kids has a wide selection of kids' clothes, kids' shoes, children's toys, children's gifts, and kids' fancy dress.
WebMaster Tony says:

Infant colic is a common condition, affecting around 1 in 5 infants in the UK in their first month of life. Although it is not a serious medical condition and usually resolves by the age of 3-4 months, it is possible to alleviate the distress caused to both infant and parent. Any parent who experiences the distress of trying to console a baby with colic will want to help ease their baby's discomfort.

This website provides useful information on infant colic, including answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and advice on how Infacol can help. Infacol is a clinically proven treatment for trapped wind, infant colic and griping pain, and is suitable to give from birth onwards. Infacol can be purchased from supermarkets and pharmacies

WebMaster Tony says:

Thanks to Johnson's  long history of providing effective, gentle, mild and clinically-proven baby products formulated especially for babies, they have become the most trusted name in baby care.

WebMaster Tony says: Kellogg's provides lots of advice on eating for a healthier lifestyle along with additional information on issues like exercise, food allergies, managing your weight, pregnancy and more.
Kids Window
They say: Buy baby clothes, chldren's clothes, pushchairs, personalized books, organic products and much more at The Kids Window Onlind Children's Department Store.
Kraft Foods
WebMaster Tony says: Kraft Healthy Living provides simple steps to a healthier lifestyle with tips on how to balance activity and nutrition.
Leapfrog Day Nurseries
WebMaster Tony says:

Leapfrog Day Nurseries are now part of Busy Bees with 129 nurseries across the UK offering childcare places for 0-5 year olds.

Leapfrog offers your child fun-filled days of activities to help them learn and make lots of little friends.

Choosing a nursery is an emotive decision.  Leapfrog understands what is important to both parents and children, and their aim is to provide the perfect solution to any parent looking for childcare for their little one.

So whether you are looking to return to work, moving area or whether you just want your child to have the best opportunities in their life, then come to Leapfrog and see how they can help

Little People's Plates
jmogridge says: Feeding your toddler is a wonderful responsibility, but it can be a daunting one too. At Little People's Plates, we know how difficult it can be to make sense of all the conflicting advice about feeding your family well - not to mention how fussy toddlers can be about food. Making the right choices is not always easy; but it is important.
Nigel says: Londonmums are a group of new mums based in London who support each other through the joys and challenges they face with raising their little babies in such an exciting and sometimes isolating metropole.
WebMaster Tony says: mothercare has a selection of everything new mums need from pushchairs to children's clothing and even parenting advice.
Muller Little Stars
WebMaster Tony says: Little Stars can help children grow up healthy and strong. They are made from natural ingredients with as few as 5 natural ingredients per pot.
Nestle Cereals
WebMaster Tony says:

Nestle Cereals are as committed to your family’s health as you are. They are continually improving their breakfast cereals to make them as healthy as they can be without compromising on the great taste you love.

Nursery Management Today
They say: Nursery Management Today provides a comprehensive media package which answers the needs of readers and advertisers in the nursery sector.
Nursery World
WebMaster Tony says: Nursery World provides the latest nursery and childcare news.
Nutrigen Children's Vitamin Sprinkles
Nigel says:

nutrigen kids-logo.gifNutrigen, a brand new range of nutritional supplements for children is launching its first products to the UK; providing parents with a fresh approach to children’s healthy diet and nutrition.

Currently avialable from the Nutricentre http://www.nutricentre.com/m-548-nutrigen.aspx

Nutritionist Resource
They say: Nutritionist Resource receives an average of 91,000 visitors each month, all looking to make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. As well as providing a hub of nutritional information, events and news - our nationwide directory lists hundreds of nutritionists, whose professionalism, qualifications and insurance have been verified in accordance with our policy. 
Omega 3 CookBook
WebMaster Tony says: mackerel_logo.jpgIts more than just mackerel !
Read more about the health benefits of omega 3s and why we all need to eat more of them, particularly our children
Organic skin care
WebMaster Tony says:



Green People has organic skin care products for all the family, including natural sunscreens, body lotions and cleansers.

Organic Surge
They say: Natural and organic skin care products from Organic Surge. Offering organic, vegan friendly products and manufactured directly.
Organix Baby Food
WebMaster Tony says: Organix Baby Food makes pure, nutritious organic foods for babies and children to give them the best start in life.  All made with the best quality organic ingredients to give great taste and give parents better choices.
WebMaster Tony says: The whole Orgran range of over 70 products is totally natural with nothing artificial added, full of flavour and natural nutrition with no added MSG . The Orgran production facilities are all dedicated to producing dietetic foods, specifically designed to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination in this gluten free facility.
WebMaster Tony says:

Pampers provides information and tips for mum's from pregnancy all the way to preschool.

Positive Parents
WebMaster Tony says: Why not sign up here for their FREE newsletter which is bursting with useful ideas and practical tips for bringing up happy, confident, well-balanced children from toddler to teen?
Pure Nature
They say: Products for health and  lifestyle
Schwartz Spices and Health
WebMaster Tony says:

Schwartz-_ Logo_50.gifSchwartz reveals 10 herbs and spices which naturally contain antioxidants and can be easily incorporated into everyday cooking. Visit this site for delicious and healthy recipe ideas featuring these herbs and spices.  

Seven Seas Haliborange
WebMaster Tony says: Your child’s nutritional needs change as they grow, so being aware of this can help you to keep them healthy.
That’s why Seven Seas has designed their website to help you discover more about your child’s health and vitality – so you can get the most out of thier products. Haliborange. Let kids shine.
For further nutritional and diet advice be sure to visit the Baby & Toddler, Kids and Teens pages.
Sheese Vegan Cheese
WebMaster Tony says: One of the most common reasons given for not giving up dairy produce used to be that there wasn’t an acceptable dairy-free alternative to cheese, that really tasted of cheese. All that changed in 1988. Bute Island Foods started making their own scrummy Vegan cheese, known as Sheese.
So Good
WebMaster Tony says: So Good has got a good thing going on, and they think you’ll agree. Helping you to get the best out of your body, So Good  soya milk is the beginning of a better lifestyle. Big on taste and Cholesterol free  you’ll soon see why So Good's soya milk is So Good for you in every way.
So Much Easier
They say: So Much Easier is your guide to the best places to buy childrenswear online in the UK. This section lists shops selling children's clothing. Some are specialised childrenswear shops, while others are more general stores which offer a good range of clothes for children.
Soreen Malt Loaf
WebMaster Tony says: The uniquely soft & sticky recipe was created by a family whose surname was Sorenson - hence the brand name Soreen! Soreen became famous for their original fruity malt loaf and since then the company and the brand just keeps on growing!
Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream
WebMaster Tony says: This website outlines the causes of nappy rash and suggests ways to prevent it affecting your baby. If your baby does suffer from nappy rash, the site explains how Sudocrem can help and the best way to use it on your baby. You can also find answers to common questions about treating nappy rash and how Sudocrem may also be used for other skin conditions.
The Breakfast Panel
They say: The Breakfast Panel have launched a new expert e-resource dedicated to the importance of breakfast and provides nutritious and practical ideas for the whole of the family. It has been created by independent experts who are committed to highlighting the health benefits of breakfast.
WebMaster Tony says:

TRUfree has created a whole range of treats, from thier mouth-watering biscuits to thiercrispy crackers and thier handy snacks.  And the best part is that they're all completely free from wheat and gluten.  A restricted diet never has to be restrictive again! Enjoy!

WebMaster Tony says:

Despairing about your family’s diet? Don’t! While it seems that many older children are still being refuseniks when it comes to healthy school meal options, the same report
suggests that younger children are starting to move towards healthier foods – proving that we can turn around eating patterns!And http://www.veggiekids.org.uk is the site to help!

Vitabiotics WellKid
WebMaster Tony says: WellKid Logo.gifThe WellKid Multivitamin range includes great tasting comprehensive supplements to safeguard your child’s diet from the ages of 3 months to 12 years.
Healthy growth is vital during the first 12 years of a child’s life. Rapid development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain mean that children have a high nutrient requirement in relation to their body size. Meeting those requirements can be a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to ensure kids are getting all the nutrients they need every day, that’s why the WellKid  Multivitamin range offers a nutritional safeguard  and now includes WellKid  Baby & Infant liquid, WellKid  Smart Chewable tablets, WellKid  Soft Jelly chewy pastilles and WellKid  Power Biscuits.
Warburtons Family Bakers
WebMaster Tony says: Warburtons provides information on their latest products and recipes.
WebMaster Tony says:

From its base in the heart of the English countryside, The Weetabix Food Company has been creating delicious breakfast cereals since 1932. You'll find all of the Weetabix products listed on this website along with comprehensive nutritional information and dietary suitability, complete with ingredients list.

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