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This is my story
Hello – I’m Tony Fitzpatrick – the webmaster for Grub4Life.
Grub4Life is a website for you and your child – so I’m here to help you get the very best out of our services.
Every day – there are regular news items and articles on the Grub4Life home page – tell us your thoughts on those stories that interest you by adding a comment on the bottom of the story – so you can let others know what you think;
Nigel Denby also adds regular videos to the home page – write to him with your thoughts or questions or you can enter the Grub4Life forums to discuss issues that you need help on.
There is a 24 / 7 Grub4life chatroom so you can chat on line whenever you want to other parents if it feels sometimes that you’re on your own!
Or ask an expert if there’s something bothering you or your family in our regular Grub4Life webchats with our health professionals. They are posted on the home page so watch out for the next one – or write to Nigel and suggest one you’d like!
Have a look at other members blogs and please add your own –
if you’re reading this – or watching it on screen you see that you can also add a video diary through YouTube – just go to your profile in the top left hand corner of the home page and follow the instructions.
If you have any technical issues or concerns just email me at tony@grub4life.org.uk
Above all we want you to use Grub4Life and share your experiences with other parents or health professionals
It’s your resource for early year’s nutrition. Enjoy!
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